Popular 2000w wide wheel electric scooter for adults with pedals

Short Description:

  • Model: E4-9 S
  • Distance: 65-70km
  • Voltage/Power : 52V 2000W
  • Capacity: Chinese battery 21AH
  • Charging Time : 6-8h
  • Speed: 20-35-50km/h
  • Net Weight : 25KG
  • Material : Aluminum alloy
  • Maxload : 150kg
  • Folding size : 1160*260*520mm
  • Unfolding size : 1160*260*1110mm
  • Wheel&Tires : 11 inch
  • Brake: Mechanical brake
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    Main Selling point:

    • Anti-skid handle design makes grip feel more comfortable.

    •  Pressure throttle, free control of riding speed
    • High-speed brushless double-drive motor, full power, easy climbing

    1. With ventilated disc brake system and E-ABS anti-lock brake system, high-efficiency brake quick response can be achieved.

    2.11-inch off-road vacuum tire has remarkable shock absorption, and most urban roads and deceleration belts can pass smoothly.

    3.1800W rear drive/3600w double drive, brushless DC motor, achieve stable power output, bring comfortable life experience.

    4.Front and rear four-LED high-power eagle-eye lamp.Super-bright headlights escort the night.

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  • My company attaches great importance to after service technical support, citing international management, technical personnel training after-sales service team to serve you, and strive to achieve the satisfaction of every partner!

    warm prompt:
    1. Choose a wide field

    Find a spacious flat place, try not to have many people and obstacles, because you will not be able to keep a straight line when you just learn, the ground should be flat!

    2. Pay attention to the center of gravity foot
    How to judge which of your feet is the center of gravity is to stand upright with both feet?
    Ask a friend to push you without notifying you,and the foot you unconsciously take is the foot of gravity.The center of gravity foot is the foot that you step on the pedal first!
    3. The position of the foot
    The length of the shoe exposed in the position before and after the pedal is equal, that is, the center of the shoe is facing the center of the pedal, leaning forward and leaning back is not conducive to your learning.

    4.Center of gravity forward
    Mastering the overall center of gravity of the body is forward. Some people press down with the front half of their feet. Although tired, it also helps to find the feeling.

    5. Speed
    The slower the harder!Sometimes movement speed is too slow to grasp, so, a certain forward speed is necessary.

    6.Keep from falling when shaking

    If the body falls to the left, the handlebar will turn to the right, a rightward reaction force and centrifugal force will be generated, and the body will be straightened.

    Keep your eyes on the front. Don’t look down. Keep your upper body as straight as possible.The balance organ of the person is the semicircular canal in ear ear hypophysis, when you lower your head it is difficult to grasp balance.

    The seemingly simple structure gives complex high-tech elements, high safety performance, and at the same time it can be very convenient to travel without polluting the environment.

    For more technical support, please contact our after-sales technical team leader:


    Whatsapp:+86 199 5240 5821




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