Types of Electrically Powered Scooters

Electric Scooters are of different types depending on the use, age, distance, performance, and price. Electrical Scooters are of 8 different types.

They are:

Electric Kick Scooters: These Scooters are more popular among the kids and the teenagers for their easy use and for the feeling of running through the air. These are safe for both kids and adults. With speed between 10-12 mph, these Scooters have a low price too. Razor is well known for making best electric kick scooters.

Electric Mobility Scooters: For those who are not able or uncomfortable to drive the standard Electric Scooters, these Mobility Scooters are for them. 3 or 4 wheels made these Scooters very easy to control and balance. These Scooters cost a bit more than the other Scooters.

Electric Bicycles: Having a speed of 10-25 mph and 25-35 miles coverage, these Bicycles are the best to reach the short destination. These are very helpful for health, and a standard bicycle can be converted into these by using an electric motor.

Electric Motorcycles: These Electric dirt bikes are the fastest and cover most distance than all the Electric Scooters. With a 100 mph speed, these Scooters are the best for the kids as these are small in size.

Electric Go-Kart: Go-Karts are more like a fun vehicle than to a vehicle for transportation. These are the best for adventure on a trip. These can continue 45 minutes in a single charge with more than 15 mph.

Electric Wheelchairs: To reduce the labor to ride in a manual wheelchair, these Electric Scooters are the best for the physically disabled persons. With a rotating chair, these Scooters have a very easy and simple controlling.

Electric Tricycles: Want some fun while riding? Both adults and the kids love these Tricycles. Though these are not as popular as the conventional Electric Scooters, are very easy to handle with a comfortable and fun riding. These can go 20-30 miles on a single charge with a speed of 15-20 mph.


Post time: Jun-12-2019

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