The new national standard for “light electric motorcycles” is officially launched, which can be used for riding safety tips

The current social population is large, and the differences between regions are very large. The demand for electric vehicles is also very different. Relying on a new national standard is unfair to the people in certain regions. And by adding the “light electric motorcycle” standard on the basis of the new national standard, many problems can be solved.

So, what is a “moped”?
In fact, it is the so-called “over-standard car”. The new national standard stipulates that the maximum speed of electric vehicles will not exceed 25Km / h, and the weight of the entire vehicle shall not exceed 55Kg. Specific requirements for light electric motorcycles).

If the new national standard has these two standards, most of the electric vehicles on the market, especially luxury electric motorcycle products, will be classified as mopeds. How to apply for licensing and driving licenses is likely to be There will be stricter restrictions.
Talking about my first intimate contact with the new electric motorcycle, the feeling of getting the key is different. In addition to 2 unlocking keys, there are 2 remote controls. Is there a wood on the tall? It ’s very embarrassing that I ’m attracted by its beautiful appearance before I ’m familiar with it. I ca n’t wait to ride it. As a result, I enter the garage and get out. The anti-theft lock is not covered. Don’t move, sweat? Doesn’t anyone else misunderstand it is a thief? Quickly take out the remote control and press the unlock button to clarify your identity. It is said that S6 is really small, and it is effortless to enter the conventional elevator.

Appearance: stylish enough grade

You don’t need to appreciate it carefully. Its high-end quality can be felt as soon as you stop. The brightness and texture of the paint are not comparable to ordinary electric vehicles. It is easy to stand out when parked on the roadside. Even if I watched it carefully, I didn’t see any flaws, and the details were handled very delicately.
When I was in the garage, I compared the down lights with other electric cars. Whether it was headlights, turn signals, or tail lights, they were really bright and contrasting. The taillights and the rear turn signal are combined together. It looks like a pair of flying wings. The instrument is also very technical. The LED backlight is cool and the pointer is shiny. It is absolutely dreamy.
Some details, such as seams, mudguards, side covers, etc., are all in place, and I ca n’t feel anything wrong, and I accidentally found that the position of the rear license plate actually has a license plate light, which is really eye-opening. !

Post time: May-21-2020
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