Singapore shares electric scooters

Recently,electric scooters have become more and more popular in Singapore.According to related reports there are 20000 electric scooters on the street of Singapore.Zachary Wang ,co-founder of Neuron Mobility will use the bike -sharing model to encourage more commuters to use electric scooters.

But there are still some difficulties to be faced in popularizing electric scooters.First of all ,electric scooters are more expensive than bicycles.And the main reason is that electric scooters needs operation technology,and it needs some practice to use it.At the same time, the concept of electric scooter is relatively new, not as mainstream as bicycle.

To be a Neuron user, you have to pay a deposit of $35.5 to avoid damage to the electric scooter. After all, every car is not cheap.

It is understood that Neuron’s vehicle system is equipped with many intelligent technologies. First, these electric scooters are equipped with GPS and Internet of Things sensors to sense their location. At the same time, these sensors can detect vibration, and if someone wants to forcibly tow a car, the team will be notified.

Secondly, the parking space is equipped with GPS, so travelers must park the electric scooter in the parking space to end their cycling. Neuron’s team tracks every parking space in real time, and if most parking spaces in a parking space are empty, they send in new electric scooters in time. At the same time, these parking spaces can also provide charging services.

In order to comply with management of the LTA,the fastest speed of electric scoters is only 15km/h.In theory, a user can ride 6.5 kilometers for $0.7, while a single charge can last 30 kilometers.

From now on until December 13, Neuron will launch 50 electric scooters in six areas of Singapore.Meanwhile, Wang said the company is working with insurance companies to insure not only electric scooters but also pedestrians.

Post time: May-16-2019

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