How to choose electric scooters for the elderly and the disabled?

In recent years, the elderly electric scooter that has emerged in the market has won the favor of elderly friends because of its safety and convenience. As a leader in the electric tricycle industry, it also follows the market trend to vigorously produce a variety of electric tricycle products suitable for the elderly. So which model of our electric tricycle is suitable for the elderly to ride? I think it is not only necessary to look at the tricycle model, but also the following points when buying.

The first point: security

When choosing an electric tricycle suitable for the elderly, we must first pay attention to the element of safety. First, look at the chassis, because if the chassis is low, the center of gravity of the vehicle is also low, and the stability is good, it is not easy to roll over; second, it depends on the brake system of the electric tricycle, that is, the brake system we say, the braking distance should be short, able Achieve emergency braking; finally, it is to see the safety performance of other parts of the car. It has high-strength aluminum alloy wheels and is equipped with maintenance-free vacuum tires. Anti-lock hydraulic disc brakes are used to further improve the driving safety of the elderly.

Second point: comfort

The physical functions of the elderly are showing a downward trend, and their bones are not as good as before, so choose an electric tricycle with high comfort when purchasing.
The first aspect is to look at the seat. It is inevitable that you will feel uncomfortable when riding for a long time. This requires that the electric car be equipped with a comfortable seat. Jinpeng electric tricycle adopts high-grade leather and foam cotton seat backrest, which has good ventilation effect and more comfortable driving. In addition, the seat of this material has high resilience and is more durable;
In the second aspect, the Jinpeng electric tricycle uses a hydraulic front fork, which effectively absorbs the impact force from the ground, and there is no bumpy feeling during driving.

Third point: convenience

When the elderly are older, their legs and feet are not flexible, so when choosing an electric tricycle, choose a model that is convenient for getting on and off. Jinpeng Electric Tricycle has specially designed low-pedal electric tricycles for the elderly, which is convenient for the elderly to get on and off. Second, Jinpeng special elderly vehicles also use anti-slope technology to effectively ensure the safety of the elderly; The overall weight of the leisure model is light, and it occupies a small area. The elderly cart is effortless.


Nowadays, electric tricycles are almost everywhere in the streets, and there are many middle-aged and elderly users. It can be seen that it is not difficult to find an electric tricycle suitable for the elderly to ride in our factory.

Post time: May-21-2020
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