How to choose a good electric bike manufacturer?

An e-bike is a rather complex system of mechanical and electrical components. While that can be said about many products, getting your product specifications right is critical when importing e-bikes from China.

Buyers in the US, Europe and Australia need to be even more cautious. E-bikes, and its components, are regulated – and the consequences of non-compliance are serious. Let’s begin by taking a look at the technical aspects.

Components and product specifications

First of all, the price of the electric bike is entirely based on the component composition (i.e. certain battery models and brands are more expensive than others, etc). Therefore, you cannot compare the prices between e-bikes, but rather compare sets of components against each other.

What’s more, Chinese suppliers, including those in the e-bike industry, tend to lack strict internal quality guidelines. In practice, this means that many supplier basically uses any components they have in stock – unless you explicitly “tell them” to use specific components. Let’s look into the most important specifications when buying electric bikes from China:


Gears are not “made in house” by e-bike suppliers. Like many other components, these are purchased from other suppliers. Manufacturing gears is not that simple, and replacing them is expensive.

That’s the reason why most importers prefer to use brand name gears, from reliable manufacturers, such as Shimano.

That doesn’t mean you need to call up Shimano and arrange them to supply your manufacturer in China.

They are already present in the country, and all respectable e-bike supplier are already buying gears from established brands.


Selecting the right motor is not only about quality, but also regulations in your home country. Due to speed limitations, the motor wattage is restricted in most markets. Below follows an overview:

  • European Union: 180W – 250W
  • Australia: 200W
  • United States: 350-750W

Most E-bike suppliers purchase motors from domestic manufacturers in China. That is not necessarily anything bad, but the supplier should at least be able to present documents showing compliance with directives such as CE and RoHS.

These are EU standards (thus not legally required in the US, Canada or Australia), but acts as a sign of good quality.

Post time: Apr-09-2019

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