Factory direct sales of new smart electric vehicles

Smart folding electric vehicles: Modern people need electric vehicles that meet the needs of modern people. Smart electric vehicles can recognize and judge the road conditions and the intention of the cyclist, such as not supplying electricity downhill, and supplying more electricity uphill.


A true smart electric car has a smart operating system and is named “E-cpu”. “E-cpu” is similar to the processor in a computer, which can accurately process information, control electrical systems, power systems, and improve the control performance of the entire vehicle. At the same time, it has the ability to communicate with external smart devices. A true smart electric car is equipped with: built-in core and external connection, which was proposed by Xinri electric car.
A true smart electric car should have the following functions:
Intelligent power control: With the addition of smart chips, the accuracy of motor control is increased by 30%, electric vehicles will start more smoothly, and users will be more comfortable and safer to ride. Not only that, it can also increase the cruising range and make travel more convenient.
Smart battery actuarial: Determine the remaining mileage by performing actuarial calculations on the remaining battery. The remaining mileage can be accurate to 1 km. Users no longer have to worry about whether to charge or not, and keep track of the remaining mileage at any time, so that users can adjust their riding plan. .
Intelligent keyless unlocking: The vehicle can be locked/unlocked through the mobile phone APP, which replaces the function of the traditional key. It is no longer necessary to carry a large number of keys, and it does not need to spend too much time and energy. It only needs one key to lock/unlock It’s easy to get it done.
Smart chip anti-theft: Integrate the circuit of the entire vehicle’s electrical components with the chip. If the chip is not unlocked, the entire vehicle cannot run. Even if the motor and other accessories are replaced, the vehicle cannot be started. The anti-theft technology of Xinri smart electric vehicle chip is the ultimate anti-theft technology of electric vehicles, which fundamentally solves the anti-theft problem of electric vehicles.
Intelligent fault detection: Through the mobile phone APP, all electrical circuit faults of the vehicle can be detected. In the process of using the vehicle, the user can understand the vehicle’s condition in advance, know the fault early, and perform repairs and maintenance in time to ensure the safety of the vehicle and increase the service life of the vehicle.
Intelligent circuit optimization: The intelligent chip is installed to optimize the entire vehicle circuit. The original large current is changed to a small signal current. The line material is reduced, the wiring is more reasonable, and the vehicle failure rate is reduced by 10%. It can effectively prevent vehicle spontaneous combustion accidents caused by high temperature, humidity and other reasons, and the small signal current is not easy to cause damage to electrical appliances, which can reduce the failure rate of the entire vehicle and make the vehicle more secure and reliable.
Intelligent speed control: The vehicle speed can be accurately set through the mobile phone APP, and the maximum speed of the vehicle can be controlled. The cruise function can also be turned on to let the vehicle move at a constant speed at the set speed. The three main benefits of speed control: speed limit guarantees the safety of the car; constant speed guarantees the cruising range; acceleration for riding pleasure.

Intelligent dynamic instrument: Through the mobile phone dynamic instrument, you can grasp the basic conditions of the vehicle, such as vehicle speed, voltage, power, mileage and other data at a glance. Let users keep abreast of the latest developments of the vehicle during riding, and facilitate users to adjust the riding plan.
Xinri, a global leader in electric vehicles, has been committed to the development of intelligent technology, hoping to improve the quality of people’s travel through intelligent technology, and make travel more scientific, more efficient and more interesting. The continuous development of smart technology will gradually change the way people travel. Electric vehicles will not only be a means of transportation, but also an indispensable tool for sports, leisure and entertainment in life.
Xinri puts forward a new definition for truly intelligent electric vehicles: built-in core and external intelligence. Intelligent electric vehicles have made a great breakthrough in function, breaking the traditional electric vehicle travel mode, and for the first time in operation, they boldly tried to use mobile phones to control electric vehicles, making travel more efficient. Xinri’s intelligent electric vehicles have epoch-making breakthroughs in power control, cruising range, riding safety, and anti-theft performance.

Motorow-Tech company hundreds of appearance patents and utility model patents are invented by our technical team.

Meanwhile our team strictly follows ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. All the products have gained different certifications to adapt different markets, such as UL for U.S, ABE for Germany,TUV EN15194 for Europe and KC for Korea etc.

Post time: Jun-02-2021
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