“Essentials for Electric Riders” Daily Maintenance of Electric Bicycles (5)

Electric common fault repair:

(A), the vehicle has some strange noises

1. Check whether the counter (also known as the meter or turbine) or the stopwatch cable connector on the front wheel profile is short of oil.
Motorow-Tech company advises on after-sales technical services: if available, add butter

2.Check whether the fenders on the front and rear wheels are loose and cause the tires to fit when driving.

3.Check whether the shock-absorbing spring part is in contact and rubbing the shock-absorbing inner cylinder

4. Check whether the screw at the joint between the rear flat fork of the frame (that is, the steel frame where the fixed motor is installed) and the frame is short of oil. If so, add butter.

Motorow-Tech company’s after-sales technical service supplements it: you must loosen the contact point, screw and nut when refueling, it is useless to add it outside

(B), there is abnormal noise when braking

1. Check whether the front and rear wheel disc brake pads are worn or nearly worn out, and the brake pads are completely worn out in some places.

2.Check if the disc brake disc is worn
(Note: Is the part that is often in contact with the brake pads significantly lower than the non-contact surface)

3.Check whether the brake pads are uneven due to improper installation and adjustment.
(Note: Remove the brake pads and check whether there is obvious one side high or one low)

4.Re-polish the two brake pads so that the middle part is slightly higher than the two ends.

5. If it is a drum brake, check whether the braking performance is significantly reduced and whether the braking stroke is significantly more than the state of the new car. If so, replace it with a new drum brake.

6. If there is a strange noise in the drum brake of the new car, you need to readjust the fixed position of the drum brake and the motor cover, the motor shaft and the frame, or the position of the iron plate on the drum brake cover and the frame.

(Three), obviously feel the direction to turn to the side when riding

1. If it is a new car, check whether the axial direction of the front and rear wheels are in the same straight line.

2. Make sure that the frame, fork, upright, and handlebar are deformed due to long-term overload or accidental collision or fall.

3.Check whether the front wheel contour is located at the center of the shock absorption without obvious skew

4. Try to use a large electric drill to increase the direction to connect the aperture with the pole, and fine-tune the direction of the handle again

(Four), obviously feel the body shaking when starting or turning

1. Check whether the direction handle and the nut connected to the vertical rod are loose.

2. Check whether the large nut (very thin, two, commonly known as the front fork nine-piece set) at the connection between the pole and the frame sleeve is loose. If it is, tighten it properly

3. According to the length of use, determine whether the upper and lower balls of the nine-piece suit are worn.

4.Check whether the nuts at both ends of the front wheel positioning shaft are loose.

(V) Feeling unexplained trembling during the ride (the faster the speed, the stronger the shock)

1.Check if the tire pressure is too high before and after

2.Check if the shock absorption before and after has good resilience

3. Idling the front and rear wheels, carefully confirm whether there is obvious axial series (swing left and right), and if so, replace the bearing

4. Check whether the front and rear tires have obvious deviations (the left and right treads are asymmetric to the wheel hub). If yes, reposition and install after deflation, because the deformed tires have been deformed for a long time and replaced.

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Post time: Jan-10-2020
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