“Essentials for Electric Riders” Daily Maintenance of Electric Bicycles (4)

Maintenance of electric vehicle battery:

Battery life for electric vehicles is critical. Generally, the motor has fewer failures, but the battery life is often shortened. Most of the electric bicycles currently on the market use lead-acid batteries without memory effects. Motorow-Tech company’s after-sales technical service summarizes the best methods for charging main lead-acid batteries as follows:

1. Charge frequently and avoid “deep discharge”. Riding electric vehicles should develop the habit of charging on the day of use. It is best to recharge the battery in the battery no matter how far you ride each day. Don’t wait to run out of charge before recharging.

2. When the battery is charged in the car, the electric door lock should be closed. Do not charge the battery upside down, and try to fully charge it when charging. If you smell a strange smell or the battery temperature is too high during charging, stop charging immediately and send it to the service station for inspection. When removing the battery for charging, do not touch the two ends of the electrode with metal such as wet hands or keys to avoid burns.

3. When it is not used for a long time, it should be charged once a month, and the battery should be stored after being fully charged. Do not store it in a state of power loss.

4. Use the dedicated charger when charging. Because the battery formula and process are different, the technical requirements for the charger are also different. Which type of charger can be filled with different types of batteries can be fully charged, so do not mix chargers.

5. In order to protect the battery, it can be charged as needed, but it cannot be driven by the boosted voltage to prevent serious loss of power. When the battery is out of power, you should turn off the power and ride.

6. When charging, the charging indicator shows that when the battery is fully charged, do not stop charging immediately, it should be floated for another 2-3 hours.

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Post time: Jan-10-2020
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