Balance bike festival for hundreds of primary pupils

Hundreds of primary pupils were given the opportunity to take part in balance bike festivals organised by Erewash School Sport Partnership. Pupils from Reception and Year One were invited to the events, held at Rutland Sports Park in Ilkeston, and took part in a variety of activities with the aim of teaching them how to balance, control, glide and steer a balance bike.
Schools Children were taught how to manoeuvre with their feet off the ground while on the bike and how to improve acceleration and stop in control. They also practiced turning and manoeuvring bikes using the handlebars to navigate around and through obstacles. Sports leaders from Community Academy helped out at the events and worked with Bikeability instructors, primary staff and parent helpers to support the children. She said: “We wanted to give as many primary pupils as possible the opportunity to take those first steps on the road to learning how to cycle safely. “Some children may already be able to ride a bike but this was still a good session for them to work on their balance and posture. “There were balance bikes available at some stations with different activities to complete and at other stations the focus was on balance and using their core muscles. “What we do is encourage children to learn how to balance on a balance bike first rather than using stabilisers which tend to inhibit the opportunity to learn how to balance when introduced to a pedal bike. “It was fantastic to see so many children growing in confidence so quickly at the festivals and hopefully they left eager to learn how to cycle.”

Post time: Apr-01-2020
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