Adult electric scooter folding skills sharing

The electric scooter has great practicality while integrating leisure and entertainment: white-collar workers go to work, short-distance travel, instead of driving and riding. So how to use the electric scooter correctly is the current primary problem ~ Today, I will share with you the folding method of the electric scooter, hoping to make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Method / Step
first step
Loosen the shrink nut of the T-bar, hold down the marble, and adjust the height of the T-bar to the lowest.

Second step
Fold up the foot support; there is a fold switch on the connecting bridge between the front wheel and the pedal, step on the fold switch with your foot; hold the hand to push the horizontal tube slightly forward, and force your hands and feet at the same time until you hear a “click” , Indicating that the folding switch has been opened.

third step
There is a clutch sleeve on the left and right between the rubber handle above the grip and the T-bar. Push the clutch sleeve outward (if it is not easy to push, you can gently lift the handle upward). Fold down the handlebar horizontal tube and tighten the handlebar Horizontal tube.

the fourth step
Gently lower the T-bar to the lowest position, so that the handlebar is close to the rear wheel until you hear a “click” again, fix the body, and fold it. The scooter can be picked up by the T-bar.

Adult electric scooter folding use method sharing
Do you really want to try it after reading the introduction? Then hurry up and practice. If there is something you can’t master in the actual operation process, please check our instruction manual carefully (graphic description, more clearly); if you don’t want to read the instruction manual, you can contact our after-sales customer service staff to request the folding instruction video, Professional commentators explain.

Post time: May-21-2020
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