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High-carbon steel children’s balance car, using high-end market accessories, led by carbon fiber material. After all, carbon fiber material is characterized by ultra-light, high strength, good toughness; high-carbon steel frame, thick pipe wall with sufficient material, high-carbon steel The frame is tough and has better shock absorption. The handlebar steering is unlimited, suitable for older babies. The welding surface is beautiful, the layers are clear, and there are no pores and cracks. There is no sharp point on the body, every corner is rounded and no edges, and no-pneumatic tires are used to easily ride a variety of grounds. So very popular! Many parents want their children to win on the starting line. Of course, a good equipment is one of the important factors to win on the starting line.

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With the increase of children’s ability to walk and increase of brain capacity, science shows that children’s brain capacity around 3 years old is no different from that of adults. Science also shows that children’s sense of balance, distance, speed, and other sensory integration abilities are formed at the age of 18 months to 5 years. After this period of time, we will rely on experience rather than sensory integration. I think you must ask: What is the feeling of integration? It refers to the neuropsychological process in which the brain selects, interprets, connects, and unifies sensory information input by individuals from different sensory pathways such as sight, hearing, touch, smell, and vestibule. It is the basis for individuals to carry out daily life, learning and work. There are only a handful of sports that can play a comprehensive exercise and sense of integration ability at the age of 18 months to 5 years. The reason why young children want to carry out balanced car exercise is to allow children to have a sports program that is more suitable for them to participate in for a long time. Fitness starts with dolls, and we want to enhance the practicality of physical education!

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High-end market accessories are led by carbon fiber materials. After all, carbon fiber materials are very light, high strength and good toughness, so they are very popular! This scooter is not simple, it is very low-key and luxurious!

Reasons for children to play with children’s balance bikes
European experts have confirmed that the development of young children’s sense of balance through training, and sufficient stimulation of the child’s leg muscles, will have a positive effect on future social skills and concentration training in the classroom. Through their own learning, driving the first two-wheelers of Chi Chi can bring a sense of accomplishment and cultivate independent performance, which has a great effect on building their self-confidence.
A high-quality children’s sport. It can promote the development of vestibular system, exercise core balance, and improve physical coordination. Increase a lot of outdoor sports, strengthen your baby’s physique and resistance, and improve immunity to TV and games.
The balance car exercise is called “puzzle exercise” by the medical community. Through the whole body muscle movement, the body is in an active and relaxed state, which promotes the development of the cerebellum, thereby promoting the development of the brain and the development of intelligence.
Improve study focus. Long-term practice of riding a balance bike, the baby can gradually improve the child’s concentration in serious things. Increase shape. The gliding balance car can create a beautiful figure, and the long-term riding of a minor can be 5-10 cm higher than that of a child of the same age. Improve future social skills. The balance car is a combination of shock, danger, strangeness, ingenuity, and beauty, which has a great effect on cultivating your baby’s positive, confident, firm, and enterprising personality.
Stay away from obesity. The taxi balance car consumes an average of 285 calories for 30 minutes of continuous brushing on the street, and an average of 900 calories for 30 minutes of S-shaped winding, which is equivalent to the energy consumed by running for 1 hour.
Treatment of hump prevents myopia. The taxi balance car requires straight back, and the taxi balance car can prevent hump and myopia.
Exercise balance and nerve reflexes. The comprehensive exercise of the shoulders, spines, legs, limbs, feet, and wrists, and the enhancement of physical flexibility and skill, are obviously beneficial to the healthy growth of young people.
Stay away from TV network hazards. Balance car exercise can help children stay away from the dangers of television and the Internet, enhance physical fitness and improve immunity. Promote the body’s balance, coordination, flexibility and the ability to develop independence.
No dedicated venue is required. The balance bike does not need a dedicated field. It can be used on roads, parks, forest paths or courtyards, indoors, and its rideability is almost all-weather.
It’s convenient to store and carry, and it’s easy to carry the fitness. The balance cart is easy to place and easy to carry. Public places, cars and trains can be brought in with you. After being proficient, you can walk on the street within 20 kilometers.

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  • My company attaches great importance to after service technical support, citing international management, technical personnel training after-sales service team to serve you, and strive to achieve the satisfaction of every partner!

    warm prompt:
    1. Choose a wide field

    Find a spacious flat place, try not to have many people and obstacles, because you will not be able to keep a straight line when you just learn, the ground should be flat!

    2. Pay attention to the center of gravity foot
    How to judge which of your feet is the center of gravity is to stand upright with both feet?
    Ask a friend to push you without notifying you,and the foot you unconsciously take is the foot of gravity.The center of gravity foot is the foot that you step on the pedal first!
    3. The position of the foot
    The length of the shoe exposed in the position before and after the pedal is equal, that is, the center of the shoe is facing the center of the pedal, leaning forward and leaning back is not conducive to your learning.

    4.Center of gravity forward
    Mastering the overall center of gravity of the body is forward. Some people press down with the front half of their feet. Although tired, it also helps to find the feeling.

    5. Speed
    The slower the harder!Sometimes movement speed is too slow to grasp, so, a certain forward speed is necessary.

    6.Keep from falling when shaking

    If the body falls to the left, the handlebar will turn to the right, a rightward reaction force and centrifugal force will be generated, and the body will be straightened.

    Keep your eyes on the front. Don’t look down. Keep your upper body as straight as possible.The balance organ of the person is the semicircular canal in ear ear hypophysis, when you lower your head it is difficult to grasp balance.

    The seemingly simple structure gives complex high-tech elements, high safety performance, and at the same time it can be very convenient to travel without polluting the environment.

    For more technical support, please contact our after-sales technical team leader:


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